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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Qefe Corporation is a leading mobile app development company which was founded in 2004 on specialized enterprise software and currently focuses on mobile applications for all major platforms.

As mobile technology advanced we have strived to be on the cutting edge of mobile gaming, which involved building an animation studio of talented 3D artists. The combination of our mobile programmers and 3D artists has allowed us to create spectacular mobile games on behalf of our clients for both entertainment and business purposes.
Our start as a company was in the custom software business, creating backend, desktop and web applications for a wide variety of clientele. This is still a staple portion of our business and it uniquely positions us for our other services including mobile app development.

As a company we pride ourselves in being a step ahead of the latest technologies. As such, we quickly grew into a leading mobile app development company in the world with the introduction of third-party mobile apps and solutions, creating our first custom application in early 2012. We offer custom mobile applications for all major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android and more. We consider ourselves a maestro in mobile app development.
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